An entity that stands ready and willing to buy a security for its own account (at its bid price) or sell from its own account (at its ask price). The New York Times Financial Glossary

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dealer deal‧er [ˈdiːlə ǁ -ər] noun [countable] JOBS
1. someone who buys and sells a particular type of goods:

• Collectors were looking for guidance from experienced art dealers.

2. a shop that sells a particular type of goods:

• Computers should always be bought from a reputable dealer.

• a used car dealer

3. FINANCE someone whose job is buying and selling bonds, shares, currencies, etc on a financial market; = TRADER AmE:

• On the London Futures & Options Exchange, dealers rushed to obtain cocoa.

ˈcurrency ˌdealer also ˌforeign exˈchange ˌdealer FINANCE
someone whose job is buying and selling currencies, usually at a financial institution; = currency trader AmE; , foreign exchange trader AmE:

• Currency dealers had been pushing the dollar slowly but steadily lower last week.

ˈfloor ˌdealer also ˈfloor ˌtrader, = floor \#broker AmE FINANCE
someone whose job is to deal on a financial market where there is a trading floor:

• The floor clerk transfers the order to one of the floor traders, who finds another floor trader wanting to sell that number of shares in the company.

ˌprimary ˈdealer FINANCE
a financial institution that is allowed to deal directly in government bonds with a central bank (= bank that controls a country's currency ) :

• The New York Fed said the bank's withdrawal from the ranks of primary dealers took effect Friday.

• The bank recently withdrew from the Federal Reserve's roster of primary dealers.

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   An individual or company that trades financial instruments and takes positions for its own account.

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dealer UK US /ˈdiːlər/ noun [C]
COMMERCE a company or a person that sells a particular type of product: »

a car/auto/motor dealer


art/arms/scrap metal dealer

UK (US trader) FINANCE, STOCK MARKET a person or company that buys and sells shares, currencies, etc.: »

Bonuses paid to City of London dealers rose sharply this year.

See also PRIMARY DEALER(Cf. ↑primary dealer), WHEELER DEALER(Cf. ↑wheeler dealer)
See Note SELLER(Cf. ↑seller)

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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